Legless Daredevil Defies The Odds

Kevin Michael Connolly proves you don't need legs to live the normal life of a thrill-seeking daredevil. INSIDE EDITION caught up with the man who is defying the odds.

You've never seen a daredevil like this.

He jumps off cliffs, goes tumbling downhill in a zorb, and he even jousts. And he does it all with no legs!

Kevin Michael Connolly was born this way, but he hasn't let it slow him down.

"From the get-go my dad was always encouraging me to experiment, to adapt," he said.

He doesn't use a wheelchair. Instead, he gets around on a skateboard. He has even navigated the crowds in New York's Times Square.

Now, the Travel Channel has given Connolly his own show, Armed and Ready.

"This show is about taking a sport or activity you don't think a legless guy could do and making him do it," said Connolly

When asked if he was okay with the concept of the show, he said, "Most of the time. You'll see there are many, many moments in Armed and Ready when I'm very much not okay with it, but somehow we make it through."

In one stunt, Connolly attempted to cliff dive in Hawaii. Most people use their legs to push themselves safely out and away from the cliff, but he used his arms.

Kevin hopes his show will inspire others with disabilities to challenge themselves to attempt the impossible.

"If you can inspire someone directly through a TV show, that's the coolest thing you could do," he said.