Latest YouTube Prank 'Gallon Smashing' Drawing Outrage

The latest video craze isn't so funny to grocery store owners who are cleaning up gallons of milk or juice in the aisles after pranksters smash them on the floor. INSIDE EDITION reports.

It might seem like an accident, but it's not. It's a new prank called "gallon smashing." Others call it "milk bombing." Videos showing it happening around the country are going viral.

The videos show people smashing gallons of milk or juice on the floor. Then, they act as if they've  slipped into the mess and can't get up. Store clerks and shoppers rush to help not knowing it's a joke.

Now, supermarkets around the country are on the lookout for copycats. People we spoke to fail to see the humor.

"By the look of it, it seems pretty stupid," one person said.

"I think it's running around, smashing stuff, to be stupid. Just to get a little publicity," another said.

Two brothers and a cousin from Virginia are being credited, or blamed, with starting the craze.

"It was just an innocent prank, nobody got hurt. Nothing bad happened, really," one of the pranksters said.

The trio might be realizing now that they could be in hot water. What they've done could be considered a crime.

George Stephanopoulos from Good Morning America weighed in, saying, "It is such a waste. It is not funny, and it is criminal

The teens said their pranking days are behind them.

"I don't think we can top it," another prankster said.