Police Release Photo Of Woman Identified as a Person of Interest in Las Vegas Shoot Out

Police posted photos of the wrong woman as a person of interest in the recent Las Vegas shootout that made headlines. INSIDE EDITION speaks to the woman wrongfully identified, who happens to be on a reality show.

It was a story that made national news, that deadly shooting on the Vegas strip that left three people dead. As the search continues for the shooter, cops are not searching for a particular woman, though they mistakenly put her picture out as wanted.

Imagine finding out police all over America are looking for you.  That's what happened to gorgeous Tasha Malek of Miami.

"I was devastated. This is something I don't wish on my worst enemy," she told INSIDE EDITION.

On Monday, police issued a photo of a person of interest in connection with the shoot-out on the Las Vegas strip that left three people dead. But police now admit they put out the wrong photos.

The woman they were looking for is named Tineesha Howard.

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent asked, "What is it like for you to wake up and see this, that you were the subject of a nationwide manhunt?"

Malek replied, "It was very shocking to see my picture associated with this. It is sad that the police department didn't do their research, and they really did ruin my life and my reputation."

25-year-old Malek appeared in the reality show Bad Girls Club on the Oxygen network. The show featured many outrageous moments. On the show, she was called the "Posh Princess.” She claims to be descended from Iranian royalty. She says she's in the Bad Girl's Club all right, but she's not bad enough to be involved in a triple homicide.

After hearing she was being mistakenly linked to the Vegas shooting she tweeted: “THE REAL STORY: I'M NOT INVOLVED.”

So how did the terrible mix-up happen?

Police say Ammar Harris, suspected of carrying out the shooting had some of Malek’s photos on his Facebook page and police confused her with his girlfriend.

It turns out Malek does know Harris.

"We met in Miami when I first moved down here, I met him. About two-and-a-half years ago I met him. We became friends, he was a likeable person," she said.

Her attorney was able to convince Las Vegas police they had made a terrible mistake.

He said, "They have caused irreparable damage to my client and we are weighing our options as to what we are going to do next."

But she is desperate to get the word out that this bad girl isn't on the lam.

"It is really horrible, it is a horrible situation," she said.

The woman originally named by Vegas police as a person of interest, Teneesha Howard, has since been cleared.