Jennifer Lawrence Reportedly Seen Smoking Suspicious-Looking Cigarette

On the heels of her Best Actress Oscar win, Jennifer Lawrence was reportedly spotted smoking a suspicious-looking cigarette in Hawaii. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence is sassy as ever as she animatedly chats on her cell phone.

America's new sweetheart was hanging out on her hotel balcony in Hawaii, where she's shooting scenes for The Hunger Games sequel.

But Lawrence's excursions on the balcony are making headlines today for all the wrong reasons.

"Jennifer Lawrence pictured enjoying a suspicious rolled up cigarette," said the Daily Mail

And, "Jennifer Lawrence unwinds after Oscars win with wine, suspicious-looking cigarette," said the New York Daily News.

No comment from Lawrence on the photos that show her "toking on the roll up."

Lawrence shows off her glamorous side in a just-released, behind-the-scenes video of her new ad for Dior handbags. She's all made-up and looking like a classic Hollywood beauty where she strikes pose after pose.