Child Survives Pencil Piercing Through Her Eye Into Her Brain

The X-rays are shocking of a pencil sticking through a toddler's eye into her brain. Miraculously, she survived with little effect. INSIDE EDITION talks to the family.

A distraught mom called 911 when her baby girl fell on a pencil.

It went through her eye, into her brain, and all the way to the back of her head.

Just by looking at the X-rays, the pencil is seen sticking out of her eye.

It happened when 20-month-old Olivia Smith was sitting on the couch and coloring. She fell over and that's when the unthinkable happened.

Mother Susie Smith said, “I didn't believe it. I didn't want to believe that whole pencil was in her head.

Susie was heard during her phone call to 911 saying, “Hurry. Please. She's getting really pale. Hurry up!”

Olivia was airlifted to Boston’s Children’s Hospital.

Dr. Shenandoah Robinson, a pediatric neurosurgeon, says she had little hope the child would make it.

Dr. Robinson said, “None of us had ever seen anything like this.”

Dr. Robinson and her team slowly removed the pencil, millimeter by millimeter. By some miracle, it had missed the vital parts of the little girl's brain, including her optic nerve and all major blood vessels.

Susie said, “Just the look on the doctor’s face. All the doctors, when they would come and tell us all these good things. They’d first start with, ‘it’s a miracle’.”

This is little Olivia in her hospital bed just a few days later.

The pencil caused a minor stroke, leaving her right arm temporarily paralyzed, but otherwise she's just fine, happily eating cheerios.

The tiny hole where the pencil pierced her eye can still be seen.

Miraculously, two months later, Olivia is running around, playing with her toys as if nothing happened. You'd never believe her brain was speared by a pencil.

Susie said, “I didn’t think she was going to make it. We are so lucky.”