FAA Investigating Harlem Shake Stunt Video Made On An Airplane

America's latest dance craze, the Harlem Shake, has sparked an FAA investigation, but the participants and the airline say they did nothing wrong. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

It's the video craze sweeping the country, the Harlem Shake.

But now, it's becoming a federal case thanks to the Colorado College Ultimate Frisbee team.

One participant said, “We never thought we were breaking any rules. The seat belt sign was off and we were in constant contact with the flight attendants.”

It happened on a Frontier Airlines flight to San Diego.

The team was inspired by the hundreds of Harlem Shake videos posted on YouTube.

Others have also gotten into the Harlem Shake spirit. The Miami Heat basketball team made a video in their locker room. There’s another from an army unit in Norway and one from a bunch of Philadelphia sports mascots.

But did this Harlem Shake on a plane go way too far?

The FAA said, "We are looking into the incident and are in touch with the airline to determine the exact circumstances surrounding the video."

The students said the flight attendants were fine with them doing the shake.

The FAA will look into whether passengers should have been in their seats with their safety belts on.

Frontier insists, "All safety measures were followed and the seat-belt sign was off."

The team's video has now clocked more than a half million views.