Runaway Mom's Jilted Husband Reportedly Livid

The husband of runaway mom Tiffany Tehan is speaking out. Tehan left her family, including her one-year-old daughter, behind to run away to Florida with her boyfriend. While David Tehan publicly forgave his wife, behind the scenes he is reportedly livi

The runaway mom's jilted husband is speaking out.

"We're a married couple we have a relationship with ups and downs," said David Tehan during a TV interview.
David stunned the nation when he forgave his wife after she ran off with another man, but INSIDE EDITION has learned that behind the scenes, David is livid.

INSIDE EDITION learned that he's keeping their one-year-old daughter Alexis away from her mom. Tiffany has seen her daughter just once since returning from Florida, and David has even threatened to file a restraining order to keep his wife away from Lexi.

"Lexi and I are learning to get along just the two of us," he told the Today show.

Meanwhile Tiffany and her boyfriend Tre Hutcherson are firing back at Tiffany's husband, saying he shares the blame for their affair.

"If he's going to put his wife in a position where she feels neglected and unloved that this is a cautionary tale to some other people that they need to pay more attention to their wives," Tre Hutcherson told INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd.

"Did I just hear you say that somehow this was David's fault?" Boyd asks.

"If she had been taken care of at home, she wouldn't have been out there available to somebody at a Circle K coffee shop," replies Hutcherson.

"Tiffany, do you or do you not take responsibility for running away? Or do you blame your husband?" Boyd asks her.

"I don't blame my husband but I will say that, and this is after having spoken with him, the conversation we had, he basically said he feels that it's his fault that this happened," says Tehan.