Mothers of Missing Teens On Model Mayhem Website Fear The Worst

Two mothers are speaking to INSIDE EDITION about their fears of what could have happened to their missing teenage daughters who posted photos on the website Model Mayhem.

It was an emotional encounter for two mothers who have never met each other but have much in common.

Julia Nichols has a daughter, Kara, and she wanted to be a model.

Tanya Mahaffey's daughter, Raven, also loved posing for photos and dreamed of making it big in front of the camera. 

Now both teenagers from the Denver area are missing after posting their photos on the website, Model Mayhem, an online forum connecting aspiring models with photographers and managers.

Tanya said, “My greatest fear is she is being held against her will.”

Julia said, “I believe a predator found my daughter on Model Mayhem.”

Kara was last seen in October leaving a rented home she shared in Colorado Springs.

Raven hasn't been seen since early February when she left her house in Aurora.

Both girls were believed to be heading to modeling jobs and both haven't been seen without a trace. Both mothers say they had no idea that their daughters had joined Model Mayhem.

Now, they're terrified their young, impressionable girls may be victims of human trafficking.

Tanya said, “Human trafficking happens in this country every day.”

Jill Mourning, a beautiful part-time model, posted her photos on Model Mayhem. She says a man who claimed to be a manager on that site sexually exploited her.

Jill said, “He and the two other men ended up raping me, they video taped it and photographed it. After this trip, I came home I said I'm not talking about this because of the shame.”

Now, six years later, Jill is speaking out and founded the group, All We Want Is Love, to raise awareness about human trafficking.

In a statement, the website says, it "strongly believes that safety should be top of mind when doing anything online. The site offers detailed safety advice. The site also has a feedback mechanism that allows any member to let site moderators know of any suspicious activity they encounter."

But, Julia and Tanya say that's not nearly enough to protect girls like their daughters.

Just days ago, Raven made a short mysterious phone call to her family.

Tanya said, “She called and she said, 'Mom, I was told I have to call you and say I'm safe. I'm safe and then hung up'.”

INSIDE EDITION’s, Jim Moret asked, “Do you think your daughter was trying to send you a message?”

Tanya replied, “She's in trouble.”

Both mothers vow to do everything they can to find their daughters.

Julia said, “I'm a mother. There’s no way I can accept that she is gone from us.”

Model Mayhem says it always cooperates with police. Meantime, cops have not linked the site to the disappearances.