NFL Player Earning Minimum Wage Making Sandwiches In Off Season

Some NFL players live a life of luxury during the off season, but Terrence Ganaway is earning minimum wage making sandwiches at a deli. INSIDE EDITION caught up with the player at his new job.

Now that football season is over, most NFL players are relaxing and enjoying the offseason. But one NFL player is taking a different route.

Terrance Ganaway is a rookie running back for the St. Louis Rams. He made a $390,000 last year - low by NFL standards but huge for the rest of us.

So why is he working in a sandwich shop making minimum wage while most of his buddies are relaxing by the pool or playing golf?

Terrance said, “It’s not about the money. I’m just doing it to keep busy and stay out of trouble.”

The manager of the Jimmy John's sandwich shop in Waco, Texas, agreed to give him a shot.

The manager said, “I made it clear I would expect the same from him as all my other employees.”

Now, everyday when he's done with the grueling three-hour workout, Terrance ties on an apron and goes to work. He takes orders, cuts lunch meat and even hauls out the trash.

And for all this hard work, he's making little more than minimum wage, $7.50 an hour.

Customers are stunned to find a football hero taking their lunch order.

One customer said, “When I first heard about it I thought it was really crazy. You don’t ever think of an athlete having to have a job.”

When football season starts up again, Terrance will trade in his cap for a helmet, but until then, he's happy serving up subs.