Will Jimmy Fallon Replace Jay Leno?

Reports have surfaced that NBC may replace Jay Leno on the Tonight Show with younger-skewing Jimmy Fallon. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

The nation is buzzing over a report that NBC may dump Jay Leno for Jimmy Fallon.

The Hollywood Reporter quotes "two high-level industry sources" who say that next season will be Leno's last.

The Hollywood Reporter Editor Rebecca Ford told INSIDE EDITION, "Our sources are telling us that Jay Leno will be stepping down in 2014, and that Jimmy Fallon will be taking his place."

Sound familiar?

Back in 2009, the late-night legend was replaced by Conan O'Brien. When Conan plunged in the ratings, Leno returned to The Tonight Show and resumed his reign as the top-rated late night comedian. But it may be happening again.

"Is Jay Leno Facing Another NBC Coup In Favor Of Jimmy Fallon?" blares thedailybeast.com.
"They want to bring in a stronger, younger audience, and Jay's audience isn't getting any younger. With Jimmy Kimmel going up against him on ABC, he's been growing his audience with the 18-49 crowd," said Ford.

62-year-old Leno's contract is up next year, but he still regularly beats his late-night rivals.

At the Golden Globes in January, Fallon and Leno actually poked fun at the possibility of a shakeup.

Fallon said, "Winning a Golden Globe can propel an artist's career forward, catapulting them toward new and exciting career paths."

Leno responded, "Or, it can convince them to stay right where they are and keep doing exactly what they're doing."

Fallon said, "Or, it could give them the little push they need to move on and give someone else a chance at the spotlight."

Then Leno said, "Or, maybe there's a chance in hell that's never gonna happen."