Creighton Baird Defends Pushing Girlfriend Off Cliff

He found himself under fire for pushing his girlfriend off a cliff in a rope swing adventure after the video went viral. Now, Creighton Baird is telling his side of the story to INSIDE EDITION.

Video of twenty-seven-year-old Creighton Baird pushing his girlfriend, Jessica Powell, off a 400-foot cliff in Utah went viral.

Baird laughingly told INSIDE EDITION, "Yeah, she screamed like a girl."

She also screamed something else: "I am breaking up with you."

Baird didn't take his girlfriend dumping him seriously. After all, she was strapped in and ready to   experience the rope swing adventure. But then, she clearly had a change of heart.

On the count of three, she said, "I can't do it."

That's when Baird, her boyfriend of three years, gave her the push he thought she needed.

Baird said, "I am not going to push you." Then he pushed her.

The video of the terrifying plunge has gone viral, and Baird is catching major flak.

"In the last 12 hours, I feel I have taken Chris Brown's spot as the worst boyfriend in America," said Baird.

What you don't see on the video, according to Baird, is that Jessica asks him to push her off the cliff if she's too scared to do it on her own.

"She said, 'You might have to push me.' I took that to heart and I didn't let that go," said Baird.

At the time, he laughed off her threat, laughing on camera, "I just got dumped!"

But it turned out to be a forecast of things to come. Jessica did end up giving him the heave-ho, although both say the break up had nothing to do with the push seen 'round the world.