Patients of Gyncecologist Who Videotaped Women Speak Out

INSIDE EDITION spoke to women who say they were betrayed by their gynecologist after it was revealed he was secretly videotaping some of his patients during their most vulnerable moments.

Danielle Daughtry and Charonda Rochester suffered the ultimate betrayal.

They were all patients of a prominent gynecologist, who's now accused of secretly videotaping patients by using a tiny camera concealed in an ordinary-looking pen.

Daughtry told INSIDE EDITION, “Every time I think about it, I’m angry.”  

Rochester said, “I trusted him.”

The doctor was finally discovered by a female hospital employee who noticed he was wearing a pen like this around his neck when he examined women patients. She suspected it might be a camera, and alerted hospital security. They confronted the doctor and confiscated the pen camera and were then shocked to discover he had other similar pen cameras in his office.   

Dr. Nikita Levy was a gynecologist at world-renowned Johns Hopkins East Baltimore Medical Center for 25 years.

Daughtry said, “I kind of didn't trust him at first because he was just a little too friendly.”

Danielle Daughtry says Dr. Levy often flirted with her when she showed up for a gynecological exam.

She said, " I felt a little uneasy, like something wasn't right, but I couldn't put my finger on it. But I said, ‘Well, he's a doctor.’”

She also remembers this, “He always kept a pen in his shirt pocket.”

Patrice Hightower was a patient of Dr. Levy's for 17 years and remembers that pen, too.

She said, “He had that pen, but he would also have a different one to write with because that one would stay positioned.”  

INSIDE EDITION found pen cameras for sale at Spy Tec International in New York City. CEO John Mark showed us how they write just like regular pens, but with a click you can secretly record video.  From the front it looks like an ordinary pen, but in the back, a light tells you it's recording.  

Mark said, "For the most part, the general public, there's not a chance they would know he or anyone else was filming them."  

The pen then inserts directly into your computer where the video can be downloaded and viewed.

Police say more than 2,000 of Levy's patients have contacted a hotline wondering whether they were secretly videotaped.

Many questions will never be answered because Levy put a plastic bag over his head and suffocated himself two weeks ago at his beautiful home in Towson, Maryland, after the scandal broke.

Now, these women are left to wonder if the doctor they went to with their most intimate medical issues betrayed their trust.