Some Helicopter Drones Raise Security Concerns

After an airline pilot reported a drone flying near JFK airport, new questions about safety concerns are being raised. INSIDE EDITION reports.

A hot new gadget has emerged. A camera-carrying helicopter drone, used by businesses and hobbyists all over the country.

But are they a potential danger to aviation safety?

That's the big question being raised after a security scare at JFK airport in New York.

On NBC’s Today show, Savannah Guthrie, said, “A report of a possible unmanned drone flying near New York’s Kennedy airport.”

Good Morning America reported, “The mystified pilot describes seeing a small black drone with helicopter rudders strangely close to his plane.”

The drama happened as an Alitalia jet came in for a landing.

Control tower: "What did you see?"
Pilot: "We saw a drone. A drone aircraft."
Control tower: "What altitude did you see that aircraft?"
Pilot: "About 1500 [feet]."

The tower warned another jet coming in.

Control tower: "Report of a drone aircraft, 1500 feet. Use caution. Runway 3-1 right. Clear to land."
Second pilot: "Clear to land. We'll look for the drone."

The incident is being investigated by the FAA.

Helicopter drones are a growing presence in the air, perfectly legal for hobbyists or legitimate businesses.

They're distant cousins of the predator drones used by the military in the war on terror overseas.

In a video, a drone records amazing images of mountain climbing.

So how easy is it to buy a helicopter drone? Just walk into a store. That's what INSIDE EDITION did at Brookstone's in New York City.

In less than two minutes, we were up and flying.

You can actually control it with an iPhone.

And take a look at the footage from the helicopter drone - panoramic views of the Hudson River.

It is good fun, that’s for sure. But now, after that drone drama at JFK, there are new concerns about this eye in the sky.