Safety Expert Advises What To Do When Stuck In An Elevator

On the heels of some Modern Family cast members getting stuck in an elevator, INSIDE EDITION reports on what to do if it happens to you.

Everybody got a laugh out of the Modern Family cast being trapped in an elevator.

But being stuck on an elevator isn't always funny.

Panic gripped a trapped woman as she kicked the elevator doors, exactly the wrong thing to do.

Another man was seen on high-speed surveillance video. Incredibly, he was trapped in an elevator for 41 hours - nearly two whole days.

We asked elevator safety expert Kevin Doherty for his advice on what to do if you find yourself trapped in an elevator.

Step one - stay calm.

Kevin said, "The best thing you can do is, do not panic."

Step two - call for help.

Kevin said, "There’s an alarm button that'll indicate to the building that somebody's stuck in the elevator. If you have a cell phone, dial 911, give them your location."

Step three - wait it out.

Kevin said, "The best and safest place you can be is inside the elevator. Wait for the professionals to come and get you out. I truly cannot stress strongly enough, this is the safest place to be."

And one more thing. If you're stuck in an elevator, take a tip from the Modern Family cast and try to have a sense of humor about it.

Kevin said, “They did a great job. They really did. There was no tension and they were having a good time of it.”