Barbara Walters Reveals Who Gave Her Chickenpox

Barbara Walters fessed up with news on which famous actor gave her the chickenpox. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Barbara Walters is revealing who gave her the chickenpox that left her sidelined for six weeks.

"It's Frank Langella," said Walters.

The 83-year-old TV legend caught the bug from a hug.  

Walters showed a photo of her and Langella and said, "You see that picture? That's when I got it."

Walters and the veteran actor, who played President Nixon in Frost/Nixon, have been friends for many years.

She said on The View she had planned to keep the identity of the man who gave her chickenpox secret.  But the New York Daily News revealed it was Langella, who had been suffering from shingles when he hugged Walters at a party on New Year's Eve in Miami.

"Didn't know he had it, but he had it. I gave him a hug and I got the chickpenpox," said Walters.

Interestingly, Langella once lived with Walters' co-host, Whoopi Goldberg, for five years. Joy Behar couldn't resist this zinger: "You know, he once played Dracula so you're lucky he didn't suck your blood."