Justin Bieber Booed For Showing Up Late To Concert

Fans waited anxiously for Justin Bieber, who showed up two hours late to his concert in London, leaving some fans going home without seeing their teen idol. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Booooos for Bieber.

Outraged fans booed the singer when he showed up two hours late for a concert in London. Now, angry parents are speaking out, demanding refunds and an apology.

"Disgusting Behaviour" declares the Daily Mail headline.

"Fans fury over Bieber late show," says the London Evening Standard.

Bieber was scheduled to take the stage at  the O2 arena at 8:30pm, but 20,000 fans waited and waited. Some young Beliebers fell asleep. Others just walked out because they had school the next day, leaving rows of empty seats.

Bieber finally came onstage at 10:20pm and the audience seemed forgiving, cheering and singing along. But, to add insult to injury, the concert was cut short by a half hour.
The pop start is apologizing today, but he denies that he was two hours late.

"I was scheduled to go on stage at 9:35 not 8:30, but because of some technical issues I got on at 10:10 so I was 40 min late to stage. There is no excuse for that and I apologize. I never have any intent to upset or let anyone down."

It's been a rocky few days for Bieber. Last week, he took heat for being seen around London with his blue leather pants pulled way down, leaving his tighty whities in full view.

Actress Olivia Wilde tweeted what many are thinking: "Justin Bieber, put your [bleeping] shirt on!"