Is Duchess Kate Having a Baby Girl?

Did Duchess Kate accidentally drop a hint that she's expecting a baby girl? INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Is Kate Middleton having a girl?

The world is buzzing with the news after Kate dropped a huge hint about the sex of her baby.

It happened when a well-wisher gave the five-month-pregnant Kate a teddy bear.

Kate said, "Oh, is this for our d...?" stopping herself mid-sentence.

A woman who overheard the exchange, asked Kate, "Did you say 'My daughter'?"

Realizing she let the cat out of the bag, Kate quickly backtracked, insisting she doesn't know the baby's sex.

"Ahhh...No, no, no. I'm sure, I'm sure. We don't know, you see."

The slip-up made front page news everywhere.

"Did You Say Daughter?," "It's A Girl!," "A Daughter for the Duchess!" read the British papers.

We'll have to wait until July to find out for sure.