Rapper Shawty Lo's Reality Show Cancelled After Uproar

Oxygen's new reality show, All My Babies' Mammas was all set to premiere, until a firestorm erupted causing the show to be cancelled. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

What happens when you take a dad who has 11 children with, get this, 10 different women?

You get a reality show, right? Well, almost.

Shawty Lo is a rapper, who is also a millionaire, thanks to some of his popular songs.

He was all set to star with his 10 baby momma's and 11 kids in a raucous new reality series for the Oxygen network called All My Babies' Mammas.

But as soon as the promo for the show hit the airwaves, it ignited a firestorm.

"Oxygen's New Show Makes Everyone Mad," declared one headline on Yahoo.com.

There were also comments such as, "This show is just sick"  and "Say 'no' to All My Babies' Mammas."

The Oxygen network received a petition with 40,000 signatures from furious viewers who believed the show was offensive, demanding it be pulled before it even hit the air.  

The show was quietly shelved.

INSIDE EDITION visited Shawty Lo's very busy Atlanta home. Shawty thought viewers got the wrong idea about his very extended family.

"We all get along great. I have a great relationship with all of my kids," he said. He has two boys and nine girls.

His children's mothers said Shawty is not is a "love 'em and leave 'em guy." In fact, they said he supports his huge family.

Now, Shawty Lo has a new girlfriend. But could she make baby mama number 11?

When asked if they were planning on having a child together, she said, "He has enough kids right now."