Liberace's Ex-Lover Arrested On Burglary Charges

The man claiming to be Liberace's ex-lover, has gone from a lavish lifestyle, to being arrested on burglary charges after staying in a dingy motel in Reno. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

He was one of the most flamboyant entertainers ever. Pianist Liberace revelled in over the top opulence and excess.

Behind the Candelabra, a movie about his love affair with his teenage chauffeur, starrring an unlikely pair, Michael Douglas and Matt Damon, will premiere on HBO in May.

The movie tells the story of Liberace's secret relationship with Scott Thorson, who sued him for $113 million in palimony.

Liberace died in 1987, at the age of 67.

You won't believe where we found his former lover today.

He's behind bars, charged with burglary and credit card fraud.

Scott Thorson was arrested in a hotel. The man who once shared Liberace's opulent lifestyle was living there in squalor.

He had the standard room with a queen size bed. A hole is in the wall and the carpet is worn through. There isn't even a lampshade or a light. The standard rooms rate is $32 a night and $10 for WiFi.

Thorson’s hotel room was in total disrepair. So, the question is, how did a man who claims he was once Liberace's lover, end up in a place like that?

Dan Roehl says he lost his wallet in Reno, Nevada, and was horrified when charges began appearing on his credit cards.

One charge was a room in this rundown hotel next to a strip joint. Roehl went there to confront the thief.

Roehl said, “Once I saw my driver’s license behind the counter and my name in the register behind the counter, I wanted to make damn sure that he was brought to justice.”

Thorson wrote the book on which the upcoming movie is based - Behind the Candelabra.  It's causing a lot of buzz even making the new cover of Entertainment Weekly magazine out now.

Obviously, Thorson has few comforts to show for his years with Liberace.

Roehl said, “It's amazing to fall so far so quickly, if that is indeed what happened.”

Thorson remains in custody awaiting his next court hearing when he will ask for his bail to be reduced. If he is eventually found guilty it is likely that when the movie premiere's, he will be behind bars.