Valerie Harper Details Diagnosis On "The Doctors"

Valerie Harper bravely detailed her diagnosis of terminal brain cancer, and wants everyone to be less afraid of death. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Brave words from Valerie Harper from her first TV interview since she was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.

"I really want Americans, and all of us, to be less afraid of death. And know that it's a passage, but don't go to the funeral before the day of the funeral. While you're living, live," said Harper.

In the full interview airing Monday on The Doctors, Harper says her husband, Tony Cacciotti, was first told the tragic news about the cancer even before she knew, but he didn't know how to break it to her.

"I just thought that while I'm still able—because it is brain—to speak and show you that I'm cooking my husband's dinner. I'm walking on the bluff in Santa Monica. And more than anything, I'm living in the moment."

Harper, joined by Cloris Leachman, her Mary Tyler Moore co-star, also speaks fondly of her days on the Mary Tyler Moore show.

"It was great. That was my fun, and her friendship and her sharing her life and her five children," said Harper.

Meanwhile, we're also hearing more from Harper on the video she made for her fans that was just posted on People magazine's website. She's telling everyone not to worry about her.

"I happen to feel well, so I can say that now. I don't have any side effects or any pain."

She says it's her husband she's really worried about, not herself.

On the video, she says, "I wanted to share what it was like. My poor husband is bereft, but he's getting through it, and we can face anything."

And she shared this message to all her fans.

"I love you, and know that I'm okay. I am okay on this venture," said Harper as she blew a kiss to her fans.