Hooters Ball Girl Gets Booed For Interfering With Baseball Game

Baseball's spring training can report its first foul after a Hooters ballgirl unknowingly interfered with a game. INSIDE EDITION gets her side of the story.

During a spring training game between the Philadelphia Phillies and Tampa Bay Rays, a Hooters ball girl grabbed a live ball and tossed it to a kid in the stand without any idea it was still in play.

The game announcer said that she made a fan very happy with that baseball.

Once she realized her mistake, the crowd lashed out in a chorus of boos and the embarrassed ball girl buried her face in her glove.

Now, Priscilla Daughtry, a Hooters calendar girl, is being ridiculed everywhere.

DeadSpin.com headline read, "Hooters ball girl sabotages spring training game."

USA Today’s headline read, "Hooters girl makes illegal play."

She told INSIDE EDITION exactly what happened. Daughtry said, “I just felt like humiliated.”

She said, “I didn't know it was a fair ball in play. It was kind of hard to tell and it was coming right at me and I just got really anxious.”

She interfered with the play. But at least she looked good doing it.