Will Elisabeth Hasselbeck Be The Next One To Leave "The View?"

Joy Behar is leaving The View and reports of Elisabeth Hasselbeck making an exit are surfacing. Who is staying and who is going? INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

Barbara Walters walked arm-in-arm with Elisabeth Hasselbeck in a show of support as she  addressed all those reports about chaos at The View.

First, Walters had high praise for Joy Behar, who's announced she's leaving after 16 years.

Walters said, "When you announced this last week, it was very bittersweet. I want what's best for you. I want what's best for all of you. But, you know, I have to say I'll miss you."

Behar said, "I'll miss you too, Barbara, believe me."

Then, Walters spoke out about rumors that Elisabeth Hasselbeck has been fired from the show because of her conservative opinions.

Walters said on the show, "We value and appreciate her point of view. It's important to us because Elisabeth helps give this show perspective and balance. And believe me, she's tougher than she looks. She has to sit here for a decade and take the kind of guff we give her. So, we have no plans for Elisabeth to leave this show."

But, Walters did say that Hasselbeck can leave if she wants to. Her contract is reportedly up at the end of the season.

"When one of you makes the choice to leave, that's your choice, and we will support your decision," said Walters.  
According to the respected website deadline.com, Walters "didn't shut the door on the rumors completely."

Showbiz411.com tweeted: "She is gone, kids. With the wind."

One rumored replacement to join the cast is actress Brooke Shields, who was just a guest host last month when Barbara Walters called into the show while she was recovering from chickenpox.

Shields said, "I'm working it [Walters' chair] out for you. But if it's a little bit different when you come and sit in it, it will just be that I'm getting it ready for you."

"Well, that's nice to know. I wish I had your butt," joked Walters.

Comedienne Ali Wentworth, who's married to ABC's George Stephanopoulos is also a rumored replacement. She tweeted: "Would be great to do @theviewtv - but then who would do @Georgestephanopoulos laundry?"