Facing Terminal Diagnosis, Valerie Harper Celebrates Life

Appearing on TV's The Doctors and the Today show, Valerie Harper chokes back tears as she bravely faces her terminal brain cancer and celebrates life.

Tears from Valerie Harper as she talks about facing her final days. The moving moment came on the Today show as she sat side-by-side with her distraught husband, Tony Cacciotti.

The Today show's Savannah Guthrie asked, "What are the things that are feeling and tasting sweeter?"

Harper tearfully said, "My husband's face. He's a gorgeous guy, I always knew that. It was part of falling in love with him. But, he's so wonderful."

And there was a standing ovation for Valerie Harper as she appeared on the syndicated TV show The Doctors to talk about that devastating diagnosis of terminal brain cancer.  

Harper said on The Doctors, "That I effected your lives in such a positive and fun way and you have done the same for me. That's what I want you to know."

And the 73-year-old actress revealed she has received an invitation to go to the White House next month. But there's a big "if."

Harper said, "I really hope I can make it."

Dr. Travis Stork, co-host of The Doctors, tells INSIDE EDITION there was raw emotion you didn't see behind-the-scenes.

"It's hard to believe she's dying of cancer because she looks so good." Dr. Stork said. "During commercial breaks and at the end of our show, she started crying because she knows the end is near. But the mood on our stage was a celebration of life, not just waiting for death."

During Harper's apearance, social media was flooded with messages of love and support. Fans posted: "You are an inspiration" "Praying for you" and "miracles happen."

Harper posted this reply on her Facebook page: "Words simply can not express how the overwhelming outpouring of love and good wishes has touched my heart."

"She said time and time again, 'thank you for all your support and messages via Facebook and Twitter.' She hears you and they are helping her to fight this illness," said Dr. Stork.  

The sitcom legend says she wants her dying message to be, "Live life! That's what I would like to say to people. Experience your own wonderful humanity and their strength."