Uproar Over Mom Permitting Victoria's Secret Underwear For Daughter When She Becomes a Tween

When is it too much too soon? INSIDE EDITION spoke to the mother who says she will allow her daughter to wear Victoria's Secret underwear when she becomes a tween.

The Victoria’s Secret Pink Collection is sexy lingerie designed specifically for college aged girls. But is it appropriate for a 12-year-old?  

Jenny Erikson wrote "Victoria's Secret's new teen lingerie is something all moms should be happy about." The article ran on the mommy blog, TheStir.com and it's causing a firestorm.  

Jenny said, “I don't want my daughter to have ugly panties.”

One mother said, "[Victoria's Secret] intimates are far too provocative and slutty for teens or younger! What is wrong with the world?...that line of clothing is still too adult for young children."

Jenny said, “It has shocked me how many negative comments I’ve gotten on this.”

She says her nine-year-old daughter, Hannah,  is still  wearing underwear with cartoon characters.  But she expects that in a few short years she'll be wearing Victoria’s Secret's Pink Collection.

"I think that it is totally okay for teenagers or almost teenagers to be shopping at Victoria's Secret. It is an underwear store. Girls need to wear underwear," Jenny said.

Right now the 4th grader, who loves reading comic books and playing with her puppy,  doesn't seem to be much interested in growing up too fast