HBO Movie Puts Spotlight Back On Phil Spector

Phil Spector remains behind bars as the new HBO movie puts the spotlight back on the music producer-turned-murderer. INSIDE EDITION spoke to his current wife about their lives since prison.

The upcoming Phil Spector movie on HBO starring Al Pacino and Helen Mirren is putting the weird music producer-turned-murderer back into the spotlight.

Spector, known for his wild wigs and flamboyant lifestyle is serving 19 years-to-life for killing beautiful actress Lana Clarkson.
But what is life like for Spector behind bars? We're told it's a sad and lonely life for the man who once threw lavish parties at his 15,000-square-foot castle in Alhambra, California.

For one thing, Spector isn't allowed to wear his trademark wigs. He's incarcerated at Corcoran State Prison, California's toughest.

Spector is studying for his GED. He dropped out of high school to be a music producer and went on to produce some of the most classic songs in history, like "Be My Baby" and John Lennon's "Imagine."

From behind bars, Spector produced two records for his young blonde wife, Rachelle. The newest is out this week. They married during his murder trial, and get this, they said "I do" in the very same spot where Spector shot Lana, in the foyer of his ornate castle.

Rachelle is 41 years younger, and it showed when she took us on an exclusive tour. She didn't even recognize some of the celebrities he worked with.
"This is actually when he was doing the Ed Sullivan Show in 1958," said Lana, pointing to a photograph of Spector with Dick Clark.

"That's your husband right there? And Dick Clark," said INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret.

"Oh, is that Dick Clark?" asked Lana.

Spector is housed in a special needs section of the prison for sick or elderly inmates. He's 73 years old.

Every Saturday Rachelle packs a bag and leaves before sunrise to drive four hours to the prison. Rachelle is Spector's only visitor. He turns away all others, even his sons.

"When you first come in, you get to hug, one kiss and then you know, we eat and talk," said Rachelle.

One likely topic of conversation on their six hour visits is the castle. It's reportedly mortgaged so heavily Rachelle wants to sell it. But Spector won't let her. He wants to go back there after his sentence. He's eligible for parole when he is 88 years old.

And in a strange twist, Spector won't be able to watch the movie about his weird life. Corcoran Prison doesn't get HBO.