Computer Hacking Rises To Presidential Importance

President Obama remarked on the computer hacking of many public figures, and INSIDE EDITION has tips on how you can protect yourself.

President Obama is speaking out about the hacking scandal that has laid bare private financial information of the first lady and other high-profile figures.

Speaking to GMA's George Stephanopoulos, President Obama said, "It is a big problem. Again, I'm not confirming that that's what happened. You've got websites out there right now that sell people's credit cards."

The list of targeted celebrities keeps growing. Tiger Woods, Kanye West, Mitt Romney and Kris Jenner are now among the victims. The website is posting their social security numbers, credit card information and other private data.

Tiger Woods's American Express bill from this month is listed at $14,826.

The website details Ashton Kutcher's hefty monthly mortgage payments at $18,972. He leases his Volkswagen for $347 a month.

And it says Michelle Obama had charge accounts with Banana Republic and Gap.

Much of the data comes from confidential credit report agencies Transunion, Equifax and Experian. They all confirmed that unauthorized users had accessed information.

Transunion says, "The sophisticated perpetrators had considerable amounts of sensitive information about the victims that enabled them to successfully impersonate the victims to illegally and fraudulently access their credit reports."

Now, experts say your credit report could be vulnerable too, leaving you exposed to possible identity theft. But there are steps you can take to minimize the danger.

John Lucich is a cyber-security expert. Lucich told INSIDE EDITION, "Make sure you have a credit monitoring service that watches all the time."

Lucich's three tips for protecting your credit information:

1. Stop clicking on attachments that show up in emails from people that you don't know.

2. Watch where you put your personal information out online. Make sure it's a legitimate site.

3. Don't throw confidential information out in the garbage. Make sure it gets shredded.