Spotlight Shines On Details of Pope Francis

Pope Francis has one lung and is known for his life of simplicity. INSIDE EDITION has emerging details on the pope who could change the course of the Catholic Church.

It's true. The new pope has just one lung. Pope Francis's lung was removed when he contracted a respiratory infection as a child. He seems to have no trouble breathing or walking.

Dr. Jennifer Ashton, Chief Medical Contributor for ABC News told INSIDE EDITION, "People can live very normal lives with one lung. However, it does reduce his overall lung capacity, obviously. So, if he were to get something like pneumonia, it could be incredibly serious just because he has half the lung capacity that a person with two lungs has."

The holy father celebrated his first mass today as pope. He greeted the faithful and got a taste of what his new life will be like with everyone bowing to kiss his papal ring.

Pope Francis is already setting the tone of his papacy, with humility and shunning the finer things in life.

CBS correspondent Vinita Nair said, "Traditionally, the pope takes a private car and goes to his residences. Pope Francis instead said, 'I want to ride on the bus with all the other cardinals."

The pope's fashion sense is also making headlines. Women's Wear Daily named him their "Man of the Week" and praised his 'nonshowy' atire.

The pope's choice of the name Francis, after St. Francis of Assisi, echoes a vow of poverty and simplicity. St. Francis is the patron saint of animals and is often depicted with birds. So people are fascinated by that seagull that sat perched on the chimney above the Sistine Chapel before his election.

Some saw the bird, nicknamed the Sistine Seagull, as a sign from above. Even actor Jim Carrey was talking about it on Good Morning America.

"Everybody's saying it's a sign," said Carrey.