Times Square Bombing Suspect Arrested on Plane to Dubai

Authorities captured accused Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad just in the nick of time. Shahzad was onboard a plane headed for Dubai, UAE, when police caught up with him. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

He was caught in the nick of time!

Accused Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad was arrested with mere moments to spare...he was trying to flee the country. He was captured onboard an airplane at New York's JFK airport, headed for Dubai.

The plane had already left the gate, but an air traffic controller ordered the pilot to go back.

Shahzad, a 30-year-old married father of two, made the flight reservation while rushing to the airport and paid for the ticket in cash. The naturalized United States citizen, who was born in Pakistan, told authorities he "acted alone." His claim is being met with skepticism.

Authorities were seen pulling boxes and bags of evidence out of Shazhad's home on May 4th.

Shahzad lived on a quiet street in a working class neighborhood of Bridgeport, Connecticut. As a bomb squad and FBI agents stormed his house, they ordered the immediate evacuation of the entire block in case the house was booby trapped with explosives. Neighbors describe the accused terrorist as a strange man who gave conflicting accounts of what he did for a living, even telling one that he worked on Wall Street.  

Until last year the accused terrorist was living in a house in Shelton, Connecticut, with his wife and two young children. He was in serious financial trouble. The home was foreclosed in September 2009. Outside the home, INSIDE EDITION discovered several pieces of mail addressed to Shahzad that surprisingly had not been picked up by police, so an INSIDE EDITION producer called to alert authorities

Within minutes, the Joint Terrorism Task Force arrived and cordoned-off the property.

Shahzad recently returned to the U.S. from a five-month trip to Pakistan, but left his wife and children behind.

Authorities learned how Shahzad got the 1993 Nissan Pathfinder that he allegedly packed with explosives and parked in Times Square. 19-year-old Peggy Colas, a college student, says she sold him the SUV over the internet for $1,300. Shahzad paid her in cash, with one hundred-dollar bills.  

After the Times Square scare, the clearly upset college student posted this message on her Facebook page: "I had a crazy day...it's official. I have bad luck. I hope they find that bastard."

Federal officials say Shahzad has been speaking with authorities and is providing useful information. Meanwhile, in Pakistan, so-called facilitators in the plot have reportedly been picked up.