Grandmother On Trial For Killing Grandson

A grandmother testified that she still loves her grandson as she described events that lead to her fatally shooting him six times. INSIDE EDITION reports.

A white-haired, 75-year-old granny is helped to the stand at her own trial for murder. It's hard to believe she's accused of firing at her grandson ten times with a handgun.

Sandra Layne says the killing was self defense. She cried as she described the night she mowed down her 17-year-old grandson.

An attorney asked, "Did you have any intention to kill him?"

"No," replied Layne.

Jonathan Hoffman lived with his granny at her home outside Detroit.

The soft-spoken granny testified she had bought a gun to protect herself because Jonathan was a violent, troubled drug user.

"I don't know anything about guns. I went to the store to find out about them," testified Layne.

She said the night of the shooting, her grandson attacked her and demanded money and the keys to her car so he could flee a drug charge.

An attorney asked, "Where did he kick you?"

"Here," she replied, pointing to her abdomen.

"Did he strike you?"

"In the head," she replied.

She says she was terrified, grabbed her gun and opened fire in self defense.

"Did you shoot him?"

"Yes," replied Layne.

"What are you trying to do?"

"Get away, stop him," she said.

Layne fired ten times. Hoffman was hit six times. The teenager actually called 911 during the shooting.

Hoffman: "My grandma shot me. [gunshot] Ow! Ow! I got shot again. Please help ! Help!"

911 Operator: "How did you get shot?"

Hoffman: "My grandma. My grandma shot me. I'm gonna die. Help."

911 operator: "Where were you shot at? Where are you shot?"

Grandson: "My arm and my chest, I think."

The 911 call also captures Layne screaming as her grandson allegedly attacked her.

"No. Let go! Let go! Let go!"

Granny Layne says she "adored" her grandson despite his problems.