Miss America Ridiculed For "Packing On The Pounds"

Miss America Mallory Hagan was spotted in her pageant-winning bikini, looking a little heavier than she did on stage, but the beauty queen isn't apologizing for her figure. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Miss America is defending her new fuller figure after pictures were published of her on vacation in Hawaii.

Mallory Hytes Hagan was seen in the same black bikini she wore to win the Miss America pageant just two months ago.

Standing next to her was her good friend, Miss Hawaii, Skyler Kamaka.

Both women are now off their strict pageant diets, but they still look like healthy, normal girls who are filling out their bikinis with curves in all the right places.

Still, that didn't stop some cruel bloggers from going wild when the pictures hit the internet this week.

"Packin' on the pounds!" wrote one.

"Boy, did they sure let themselves go!" wrote another.

She responded on Anderson Cooper's syndicated talk show.

Hagan said, "Getting in shape for a pageant is like getting ready for a boxing match. We get in shape and then life goes back to normal.”

During her day at the beach, Miss America was totally oblivious to the controversy that was to come. She even tweeted a playful picture to her fans with the caption, "Hello from Maui!"

Little did she know the mean-spirited brouhaha that would follow.

Hagan said, "I struggle with it just alike every other young woman does as well. I think its something that we all strive and try to be better at. I’m real.”