Spring Breakers Premiere's Amid Controversy

The controversial new movie Spring Breakers had its big premiere and INSIDE EDITION was on the red carpet talking to the stars.

Spring Breakers, the controversial new movie about teenage girls going hog wild on spring break, premiered Thursday night.  

One-time Disney stars Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens say it was time to take on edgier roles.

Hudgens said, "This is one of those experiances that do not come around that often. It is rare you get a script like this."

Gomez said, "It is kind of an awkward transition. Not just for everybody, but for me as well. I do not really know what the right answer is or the wrong answer is, I just know what is best for me."

But Ashley Benson, who stars in ABC Family's Pretty Little Liars, admits she's nervous about what her mom will say.

Benson said, "I know my mom is here. I am scared. I am really nervous."

James Franco and Benson, said to be an item, could barely keep their hands off each other on the red carpet.

Franco, who plays a gangster in the movie, revealed he never went on spring break because he dropped out of college.

He said, “I did go back to school but I was a lot older than the other undergraduates so if I had gone on spring break then I would have been like my character in the film.”