Spanx Vs. Yummie Tummie In Battle Of The Bulge

The creator of the Yummy Tummy tank top is putting the squeeze on Spanx, claiming they ripped off her design, Spanx is pushing back. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

It's the new "Battle of the buldge".

In one corner, Real Housewives of New York star, Heather Thomson. She invented the figure flattering, “Yummie Tummie” tank top.

In another corner, Spanx, the undergarments that made Sara Blakely a billionaire, landing her on the cover of Forbes magazine and on Oprah's list of her favorite things.

Now, Thomson is claiming Spanx ripped off the design of her most popular item, the "Yummie Tummie” original tank with its three panel construction. The walls of her New York office are covered with patents.

INSIDE EDITION”s Les Trent asked Heather, “What are the similarities?

Thomson said, “Well, clearly they look very much alike. The design of the garment is very much the same.”

The competing garments do look a lot alike.

Thomson sent a letter to Spanx asking her rivals to stop making the tank top. Now, Spanx is responding with a lawsuit.

In a statement it claims, "Spanx has had countless imitators through the years. Anyone can make a claim, but it doesn't mean it has merit. Spanx has not infringed on any valid patent.”

Trent said, “She’s a billionaire."
Thomson replied, “Yeah, that’s what they say.”
Trent asked, “You feel like you’re going up against Goliath here?”
Thomson replied,“Yes, I do.”
Trent asked, “You ready for a fight?”
Thomson said ,“I’m ready for a fight.”