6 Affordable Gifts for the Dog Parents in Your Life

Happy dog with owner
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Treat your pet, or the people in your lives who have four-legged friends, to some special treats.

Dogs have been getting extra attention and love this last year, so why stop now? If you're feeling extra kind, treat your pet, or the other pet parents in your life, to some of these fun and affordable toys, supplies and accessories for both you and the pup to enjoy.

Oversized Cotton Moose Dog Toy

TJ Maxx

This moose chew toy has a built-in crinkle material and noisemaker.

Pet Zone Designer Diner Elevated Dog Bowls


This elevated dog bowl can be adjusted for all of your dog's life stages. 

Stain and Odor Eliminator


This company says its product helps eliminate stains, odors and residue and is chlorine-free and color safe.

Dental Chews

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These dental chew toys reportedly help reduce plaque and tartar build up through the abrasive action of chewing. 

Puppy Toys 7-Pack


This seven-pack of toys includes three plush squeaky toys and four rope toys. The toys reportedly help teething puppies and correct bad chewing habits. 

Outdoor Pet Playpin


This play pin includes 8 ground anchors so you can use it outdoors. The company says it is easy to set up and requires no tools for assembly. 

Pet Treat Launcher

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Make treats a fun game with this easy to load and simple to use spring action trigger that launches treats over 10 feet.