Alexa Ray Joel Defends Christie Brinkley

For the first time since her apparent suicide attempt, Alexa Ray Joel is speaking out, and she wants everyone to leave her mother alone! INSIDE EDITION reports.

Leave my mom alone! That's the message from Alexa Ray Joel as she speaks out for the first time since her apparent suicide attempt.

"She is the kindest woman I've ever known and wouldn't hurt a fly!!" Alexa writes on her Facebook page, saying her supermodel mom Christie Brinkley has been treated "harshly" in the press.

Alexa posted a photo on Facebook that was taken on New Year's Eve by Brinkley; you can see her in the mirror, holding the camera.

In a posting to her fans Alexa says she suffers from "heartbreak-related depression" a condition she calls "serious and painful."  

Alexa broke up with a long-time boyfriend shortly before swallowing a handful of homeopathic pain pills. She says she's fully recovered.

Alexa Ray also writes on her Facebook page that her mom and her dad Billy Joel are her role models and her best friends.