6-Year-Old Boy Serenades Baby Sister With Beyonce's 'Brown Skin Girl'

And little Parker Rose can't get enough of it.

Why does Izaiah Dantzler love singing Beyonce's "Brown Skin Girl" to his baby sister so much?

"Because my mom likes singing it," the 6-year-old told InsideEdition.com.

It's probably the cutest video you've seen in a while. Izaiah serenades his 4-month-old sister, Parker Rose, with Beyonce's "Brown Skin Girl,” featured on the album “The Lion King: The Gift,” which is also the movie’s soundtrack. 

“We wake up pretty much every morning singing songs, that’s kind of how we start our day. And 'Brown Skin Girl' is one of our favorites,” mom Jessica Harris told InsideEdition.com. 

“Especially because we’ve just seen 'The Lion King' movie, and I sing it so often to Izaiah and I sing it so often to P, I guess Izaiah just grasped to that and wanted to sing the same song to P. So literally all throughout the house, he just walks around and sings 'Brown Skin Girl' to her.” 

Harris said the pair are inseparable. She calls Parker her rainbow baby. The term is used to describe a baby born after parents have suffered a loss through miscarriage or stillbirth.

"Zay, I would say, by far is the best big brother ever. He wakes up to her every morning, he comes right up to the door and gives her a kiss and gives her a hug. I literally have to fight him to give her, like, space."

Harris also said Izaiah is aware of the song's importance. The lyrics uplift women and girls of color. Harris said it’s a theme not commonly heard in music or seen in mainstream media.

“He definitely gets it that it’s a song for brown-skinned kids and brown-skinned girls. And everyone in the world that doesn’t get the attention or the love that they deserve. So I think he just loves singing it to his sister.”

The message hits home for Harris too.

“It’s so important. Because there’s not enough media or really anything out there that supports or loves black women or brown-skinned girls the way that they deserve, so just the song for me makes me really happy,” she started. “To me, it’s just the fact that I am a brown-skinned girl and I know that feeling of never getting the love, so to get it in a song is just outstanding.”

What would send Harris over the moon? Acknowledgment from Queen Bey herself. 

It’s possible Beyonce has at least seen the video, since her mom, Tina Knowles-Lawson, has shown the adorable video some love by sharing it on her Instagram page. 

"I freaked out. I legit started crying and everything. I sent screenshots. I'm like, 'Mom. You can't believe that Tina just shared my babies!' Like, oh my goodness. My mom was excited, my grandma and obviously I called every single family member that I know.”

This special moment is now also something for Parker to reflect on when she's older.

"I can only imagine that she would legit, like, freak out. Because to think at four months you went viral and had everyone in the world see you, and it's for a song that's for a brown-skinned girl and it's so beautiful, I think that she would love that," Harris said.