Did Beyonce Leave Reebok High and Dry Over Lack of Diversity?

Did Beyoncé Leave Reebok High and Dry Over Lack of Diversity?
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Reebok is responding to claims that Beyonce left in the middle of a meeting.

Reebok is responding to claims that Beyonce left them high and dry in the middle of a meeting.

Last week, ESPN’s Nick DePaula recalled a story he heard about Queen Bey being courted by several different brands she could’ve potentially partnered with, including Jordan Brand and Under Armour. But it was Reebok that reportedly stood out for all the wrong reasons.

"She had a meeting at Reebok and they had a whole presentation of everything — potential products and this could all look — and she kind of took a step back and said, 'Is this the team that would be working on my product?' And somebody said, 'Yes,'" DePaula said on the network. 

"Nobody in this room reflects my background, not my skin color, and where I'm from and what I want to do. And so she kind of took a step back and left, and it did not come to terms," DePaula added.

The brand denies those claims, telling Metro.co.uk, "The report that Beyoncé walked out of a meeting with Reebok due to lack of diversity is categorically false. Our discussions with Beyoncé and her team continued for several months after our initial meeting. We are disappointed that false information is being reported as fact."

This all comes after Queen Bey announced the relaunch of her Ivy Park line with Adidas this week. 

Top Shop was Beyonce's original partner. Late last year, Beyonce bought back Top Shop’s 50% share in Ivy Park. At the time, many speculated it was because the clothing chain’s CEO, Philip Green, faced allegations of sexual assault.

Of the Adidas partnership, Beyoncé said in a release, “This is the partnership of a lifetime for me. Adidas has had tremendous success in pushing creative boundaries. We share a philosophy that puts creativity, growth and social responsibility at the forefront of business. I look forward to re-launching and expanding Ivy Park on a truly global scale with a proven, dynamic leader."

The mogul will be creative partner at the apparel company and help develop signature footwear and clothing.

"Beyoncé is an iconic creator but also a proven business leader, and together, we have the ability to inspire change and empower the next generation of creators," said Adidas executive Eric Liedtke.