Inside Beyonce and Jay-Z's Top Secret Video Shot at the Louvre in Paris

The couple was seen posing and dancing in front of various pieces of priceless art.

More is being learned about the covert filming of Beyonce and Jay-Z's new video “Apes***," which has become the talk of social media.

The video shows the couple performing in front of the Mona Lisa, as well as The Venus de Milo and other priceless art inside Paris’ Louvre Museum. Dozens of dancers also appear in front of masterpieces. 

The museum is one of the most sought after tourist spots in the world and is always packed, which leads many to ask how the couple got access. 

The Louvre is actually closed on Tuesdays, and it is believed the video was shot on two consecutive Tuesdays in May — the 8th and 15th — granting them access to the world’s most prized art by themselves and their crew. 

It's believed they filmed right after Beyoncé’s show-stopping Coachella performance in April and right before the kickoff of the couple’s current tour nearly two weeks ago.

A spokesperson for The Louvre said: "The deadlines were very tight but The Louvre was quickly convinced because the synopsis showed a real attachment to the museum and its beloved artworks."

While the couple posed in front of the artwork, the protective barricades were seen in place.    

Beyonce and Jay-Z left their fans in shock as they dropped the surprise video Saturday along with their new joint album, "Everything Is Love." 

The album currently appears on all streaming services following a Tidal world exclusive over the weekend. 

It is the first time the pair has released a joint album together.