Grandma Whose Shock at Seeing Beyonce and Jay-Z Became Viral Hit Recalls Remarkable Moment

She was stunned to see the music industry’s most famous couple.

A 68-year-old woman who was visibly stunned as she laid eyes on Jay-Z and Beyonce prior to the Grammys last weekend says she couldn’t believe what she was looking at when she was captured in a now-famous photo. 

Susan Monaghan’s jaw literally dropped when she crossed paths with the superstar in the hallway of The Sheraton Hotel in New York City Saturday night.

"When I first looked in Beyonce’s face and realized it was Beyonce, I was just, ‘Ahh!'" she recalled to Inside Edition. 

Jay-Z and Beyonce were headed to a glitzy party in the hotel, where he received the Industry Icon award from the Recording Academy at the exclusive Clive Davis Grammy pre-party.

Monaghan, who lives in Boston, was in the hotel with her granddaughter, who was competing in a gymnastics event.

"Beyonce in real life is just so beautiful you can’t believe it," Monaghan added. 

Beyonce posted the photo on her Instagram page and Monaghan is delighted that she wasn't cropped out.