6-Year-Old Terran Butler Found in Oregon, Mom in Custody for Alleged Kidnapping, Police Say

Local law enforcement and the FBI are searching for six-year-old Terran Butler, who has been missing from his Utah home since Saturday, according to reports. An Amber Alert was issued Monday notifying the public that the boy could be in imminent danger of death or serious injury.

Butler was missing for nearly a week before FBI and local law enforcement say they were able to locate him with his mother, Emily Jolley, in Coos Bay, Oregon. Jolley's friend is also in custody, police said.

A missing six-year-old boy from Utah has been safely found by police in Coos Bay, Oregon –– nearly 900 miles away from his home in Millcreek –– and his mother is now in custody, police said. Butler's biological mother, Emily Jolley, allegedly kidnapped her son during a supervised visit at his father's home last Saturday, which prompted a search by the FBI and local law enforcement agencies.

"We are happy to announce that Terran Butler has been safely located in Coos Bay, Oregon. Emily Jolley has been taken into custody," the Unified Police Department of the Greater Salt Lake announced Thursday evening.

An Amber Alert was issued Monday notifying the public that the boy could be in imminent danger of death or serious injury, KUTV reported. Butler and his mother were believed to be with Jolley's friend, Bonnie Jackson, where they switched cars in Roseburg, Oregon, then drove towards the coast, according to police. 

Butler was allegedly taken by his biological mother, Emily Jolley, during a supervised visit, police told the outlet.

Jolley, 43, is believed to be a part of a sovereign citizen group, police told Inside Edition Digital –– an extremist anti-government movement that does not recognize the authority of various levels of government. 

Timothy Butler, Terran's father, told reporters he and Jolley were never married and that the pair spent years fighting for custody over their son. Eventually, Utah courts awarded Butler full custody after Jolley falsely accused him of abuse, he told KUTV.

Butler started attending supervised visits with his son and Jolley –– and on the most recent one is when she allegedly took their son. The Amber Alert issued is one of two others issued for Butler this year, ABC4 reported.

The woman employed by a private company to supervise the visit is being charged with obstruction of justice, according to the report.

“There was some paperwork that was false paperwork and she gave us information that turned out to be false,” Sgt. Melody Cutler told the outlet.

According to the report, Jolley's mother, Larain Jolley, was arrested for obstruction of justice after she allegedly lied to investigators about her daughter’s whereabouts, police added. She has since been released from jail on bond She has since been released on bond has retained an attorney, police said. 

Both Jolley and Jackson were taken into custody by the Coos Bay County Sheriff's Department. Jolley is awaiting extradition back to Utah, a spokesperson for the Unified Police Department told Inside Edition Digital.

"There is a great deal of gratitude we owe to the public," the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson told Inside Edition Digital they anticipate kidnapping charges against both women.