6-Year-Old With Autism Begins Expressing Himself With Help of Disney Princess

He first met the character four years ago, and the rest is history.

A 6-year-old with autism has been enchanted by a princess. Snow White, that is.

Jackson Coley, who lives in North Carolina, warmed up to her right away during a trip to Disney World, his mom, Amanda Coley, explained. 

“We took him to see Snow White and we were recording and happened to see this complete interaction with her that we had not seen with anybody else,” Coley told InsideEdition.com. “He laid his head on her lap and he kept staring up at her smiling.”

Ever since that moment, the pair have shared a special bond. When they got home from that initial trip, Coley said she would show Jackson videos of Snow White and he’d get excited and start signing the word “more.”

Until one day, he said the word. 

“That was one of the first things we ever heard him say,” Coley added.

Now, the family goes to Disney each year to relive that magic.

“We make gifts before our trips and his favorite thing is to hide those gifts behind his back and tell them to close their eyes,” Coley said. “After the gifts they get kisses on the cheeks and he dances around with them”

Coley said she hopes Jackson can inspire other parents. She said she often gets questions about how the trips go for them.

People question if Jackson has meltdowns or if it’s overwhelming for her, she said.

“And I say, ‘Yes. Absolutely…’ He has meltdowns. He's turned into a runner, so we have to watch him carefully. Sometimes things can be overwhelming for him. We get dirty looks from people when he screams or has a meltdown,” Coley said. “But, to take away these videos and these pictures and watching him when he just lights up when he's with these characters, that's worth any meltdown we may have to deal with.”