6,000 Bees Removed From Walls of Omaha Home

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The Omaha Bee Club aided the Nebraska couple in the safe removal of several thousand bees from inside the walls of their home.

Six-thousand bees were recently removed from the walls of a couple’s Omaha home.

According to the Omaha-World Herald, homeowners Thomas and Marylu Gouttierre had been planting bee-friendly flowers outside the home, and later found the bees inside.

The couple initially found many flying outside their kitchen window, and then about 30 of the bees in a second-floor bedroom.

According to the Herald, they likely made their way through a hole in the mortar of its brick exterior.

"If you put your ears to the wall you could hear the buzzing," said husband Thomas Gouttierre, a retired dean at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. 

He said their first thought was to call an exterminator, but told the outlet "...we've been reading and there are a lot of great shows on PBS 'Nature' about how important bees are to pollinating the world in which we live."

According to the Herald, the couple contacted Larry Cottle of Countryside Acres Aviar and Ryan Gilligan of Gilly's Gold. Both are members of the Omaha Bee Club, an organization focused on education and the safe removal of bees in the area. 

When they arrived, Cottle cut a hole in the wall of the home and Gilligan vacuumed the bees into a box to move them. 

Three honeycombs were inside the Gouttierres' wall, and Gilligan posted a video of the bee removal on YouTube.

"We didn't see the queen during the removal, but the next day it was found," Gilligan wrote in the video caption.

Gilligan told the outlet he has removed bees from a number of homes and apartments, with the most recent home having about 15,000 of them inside.

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