Homeless Man Reunites With Daughter After 24 Years

After 24 years on the street, a homeless man is reunited with his daughter who was just a child when he saw her last. INSIDE EDITION has the heartwarming story.

Natalie Caler's heart pounded as she landed at the airport in Las Vegas. She was about to come face to face with a man she hadn’t seen in 24 years, her father.

She said, “I've love to be daddy's little girl, cause I’ve never had a dad.”

She was just a little girl the last time she saw her dad. She had no idea where her father was living or even whether he was still alive.

How Natalie and her dad re-connected is quite a story and it starts on the Vegas strip.

Real estate agent, Jim Snyder, remembers the unusually bitter cold day when he spotted an elderly homeless man. The guy was shivering and begging for a handout.

He said, “I pulled up and saw Jimmy leaning against the wall over there. He was trembling so badly it broke my heart.”

The realtor not only bought the homeless man a sandwich, he actually brought him home.

His wife Maria, wasn't surprised by her husband's compassion.

Maria said, “He would give people the coat off his back and I admire him for that.”

His name was Jimmy Francis, he's 74 years old. As the Snyders got to know him, they heard his tale of woe and of the daughter he hadn't seen in almost a quarter century.

Jim said, “He had this overwhelming fear that he had lost his daughter forever and he was never going to see her again.”

Curious, the Synders went on Facebook and after a few clicks, amazingly, there she was. Jimmy's daughter, Natalie Caler.

Maria said, “I just said, I think this is her.”

Natalie said, “The very next day I had a message asking if this was my dad.”

A reunion was arranged. Natalie, who lives in northern California, flew to Vegas.

When she came striding through the airport, there he was. Cleaned up and eagerly waiting for his daughter with a bouquet of flowers.

Then, the big moment.

Natalie said, “I love you daddy.”

Francis replied, “I love you so much.”

Natalie said, “He said I can be his little girl right now.”

Decades of lost time and emotion come pouring out as a father and daughter are reunited.

Natalie, said, “I consider it a miracle.”

A father and daughter, lost and found, and the kind-hearted stranger who brought them together.

Jim said, “Being able to see Jimmy finally hug his daughter, it was a beautiful beautiful scene. I’m the one that God’s blessed.”