Woman Says A Man Used His iPad To Secretly Videotape Up Her Skirt

A woman says a man was videotaping up her skirt with an iPad, and when cops said it would be tough to track him down, she took matters into her own hands. INSIDE EDITION talks to the woman.

A young woman says a sick pervert was caught-on-tape, shooting video up her dress. She says he used an iPad.

The woman was browsing through a pet store in Sherman Oaks, California when a guy bent down to pet her dog. But she says it was an act. All he wanted was to film up her mini-dress.

This may be the first time INSIDE EDITION’s seen someone apparently using an iPad to shoot up a woman's skirt. The woman says the guy knelt down and pretended to rest the device on his knee, but he was actually shooting directly up her skirt.

Brittanie Weaver is a swimsuit model. Having her photograph taken is what she does for a living. But not like this. She says the guy followed her into the store and hovered around her.

Weaver said, “The man came right in, followed me everywhere I was and never had any interest in anything else in the store.”

In surveillance video, every time Weaver moved, the guy moved with her, bending down and repositioning his iPad in an apparent attempt to get a clear shot up her dress.

It wasn't until she approached the cashier to pay that she says she realized what was going on.

Weaver said, “Something told me to just look down and I looked right into the lens of the iPad. He had it angled crooked where it was right between my legs. I gave him a look, which he read perfectly, that I had caught him.”

She says she was too afraid to confront the stranger. He made small talk with the store clerks and then high tailed it out of there. Now, she's terrified where that video may end up.

Weaver said, “Where is my image? Is it online? Is he using it his private time? I am being so violated by that."