Grandmother Found Guilty In Grandson's Murder

The 75-year-old grandmother, who claimed self-defense in the shooting death of her grandson, has been found guilty of murder. INSIDE EDITION reports on the latest.

It was a damning verdict for the 75-year-old woman who shot her own grandson six times. The verdict was read in court: "Guilty of the lesser charge of second degree murder."

Sandra Layne claimed she killed the troubled 17-year-old in self-defense, but the jury didn't buy it. Now, Layne's own daughter, the dead boy's mom, is denouncning her, calling her own mother "a monster."

"I'm just glad she's put away and can't do harm to anyone else," said her daughter. "My son is in heaven, and that's a place she'll never see."

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd asked Layne's attorney, Jerome Sabbota how she was doing.

"She's not doing very well. She's despondent, she's upset," said Sabbota.

The dead boy's father is also speaking out for the first time. He's saying his slain son was not the violent young man portrayed during the trial.

"It's a final vindication for my son to restore his good name and reputation, because over the course of the last nine months, it's been tarnished in a very cruel manner. He was a great, great kid," said the father.

Layne's 87-year-old husband, Fred, sobbed as the verdict was read. Layne seemed to say to her lawyer, "My God, no!"

Jurors said the key evidence against Layne was the 911 call that her dying grandson, Jonathan Hoffman, made during the shooting.

Hoffman was living with Layne at her home in Detroit when she gunned him down. Now, the killer granny faces a minimum of 14 years in prison, meaning she would be 90 before she's ever released.

A reporter asked Layne's daughter, "Will you ever speak to your mother again?"

"No," she replied.