NBA Hall of Famer Working As School Crossing Guard

Why is NBA legend Adrian Dantley working as a school crossing guard? INSIDE EDITION caught up with the basketball great who says he's not doing it for the money.

One 6'5" man isn't just any school crossing guard. Once upon a time, he was a different kind of guard.

Adrian Dantley starred for fifteen years as a guard in the NBA before being elected to the NBA Hall of Fame.

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent asked, "How long have you been doing this?" He said, "It's my first year, I'm a rookie."

Dantley's surprising career choice has gone global.

"From Shooting Hoops to Dodging the Traffic," said the London Daily Mail.

How did this legendary athlete, now 58-years-old, wind up a crossing guard in Silver Spring, Maryland for a salary of $14,000 a year?

Dantley does not do the job for the money, he does it because he has to stay busy. He's known for being tight with a dollar, so he's also doing it for the health insurance.

"Last year, I spent $17,000 on health insurance, so having health benefits help," Dantley said.

Dantley, a father of three, also enjoys sharing life lessons with the kids.

"I enjoy being with the kids, talking to the kids. There's a couple of guys they've got their pants below their belt, and don't tie their tennis shoes up. I give them a hard time," Dantley said.

Need proof Dantley isn't doing this for the money? His home is set on three acres. It's filled with  memorabilia from his legendary career.

Being a crossing guard is Dantley's new career. "The big fuss is why am I doing this. But I tell them, 'Hey, this is the right job for me.' Twenty years from now, you'll see me right here," he said.

Dantley started the crossing guard job last September and only works about an hour a day. He said encouraging the students is very fulfilling.