Obamas Approve Of Hit Series "The Bible"

Mark Burnett and Roma Downey discuss the success of their miniseries The Bible with INSIDE EDITION that everyone is talking about, including President Obama and the first lady.

The smash mini-series The Bible is getting an endorsement from none other than President Obama and the first lady.  

Actress Roma Downey, who produced The Bible with husband Mark Burnett, revealed that she had a private meeting with the Obamas on Monday at the White House.

Downey said the first couple congratulated her and expressed thanks that the TV hit has "engaged the country in a conversation about the Bible."

The president seemed to be laughing off the controversy over the actor playing Satan looking just like him.

Bill O'Reilly weighed in on the controversy Tuesday night.

"You guys know who he resembles. Now, this can't be an accident," he said.

Downey said the comparison is "utter nonsense."

In just-released clips from the episode four of The Bible, airing Sunday on the History Channel, Jesus walks on water, cures a leper, and raises the dead. The Last Supper was also depicted.

"People are gathered around the water cooler, people are gathered around the kitchen table, people are gathered around and talking about The Bible," said Downey.

INSIDE EDITION spoke to Downey and Burnett at a special exhibit of biblical artifacts called "The Bible Experience" in New York.

"We're thrilled. In the last 15 days, 68 million people have watched The Bible," Burnett said.

On the red carpet, Downey was reunited with actress Della Reese, who starred with her for 10 seasons on Touched by an Angel.

Also on the red carpet was Diogo Morgado, who plays Jesus.

He joins a long line of other hunky actors who have played Jesus, including Jeffrey Hunter, Max Von Sydow, and Jim Caviezel in Passion of the Christ.

"I would love to hear them saying, 'He did a tremendous job.' That is something I'm just praying for," said Morgado.