Tiger Woods' Ex-Mistress Warns Lindsey Vonn Of His Cheating Ways

One of Tiger Woods' former mistresses has a message for Lindsey Vonn that the golf champ is already cheating on her. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

Tiger Woods broke his silence about his relationship with his new girlfriend Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn.

At a press conference in Orlando, Tiger explained why he decided to release those lovey-dovey photos.

"We want to limit the 'stalkarazzi' and all those sleazy websites that are out there following us. I have had situations that have been very dangerous for my kids," Woods said.

Meanwhile, one of Tiger Woods' ex-mistresses said she has a warning for Vonn: "He's cheating on you already!"

Devon James, who was one of Woods' dozen reported lovers when the scandal erupted 3 years ago, was quoted as saying, "When the pictures came out of Tiger and [Lindsey Vonn] somewhere, 15 other girls were going, 'Huh? I thought I was his girlfriend.' "

James is warning Vonn there is no way Woods is going to stay faithful.

A source close to the golfing great told the new issue of People magazine that Vonn is confident the relationship will work out.

"She is not freaked out by his past. He has explained his side and owned up to what he did wrong. He has been honest with her," the source said. 

Woods has undergone three years of therapy for sex addiction. 

A side of Vonn you may not have seen appeared in a 2010 issue of ESPN Magazine while recreating the famous scene by Sharon Stone from Basic Instinct. A video of Vonn in a white mini-dress saying, "What are you going to do, charge me for smoking?" has resurfaced.

Meanwhile it looks like Woods' ex-wife, Elin Nordegren is having the last laugh. The headline in the London Daily Mail read, "My Boyfriend's Boat is Bigger Than Yours, Tiger!"

Elin's new billionaire boyfriend's yacht was seen docked in Florida, right in front of Woods' yacht, and it really is bigger by nine feet.