Kate Upton Responds to YouTube Prom Invitation

INSIDE EDITION caught up with supermodel Kate Upton for her reaction to the viral video of a high school student asking her to prom. Will she go, or won't she?

He's the high school kid who just asked Kate Upton to the prom.
Jake Davidson says in his YouTube video, "Hey Kate, Jake Davidson here in sunny Los Angeles inviting you to my senior prom on May 23, 2013."
Davidson's video has made him a hero to teenage boys everywhere.

He continues his plea, "Kate. Maybe I call you Katie? You're on the cover of Sports Illustrated. I read Sports Illustrated."

The funny, charming video actually worked. It went viral overnight and Kate Upton has seen it. Now, she's responding to INSIDE EDITION. We caught up with the Sports Illustrated covergirl at the launch of Samsung's new line of TVs in New York.

Upton said, "Hi Jake. Thank you so much for your video. It was so creative and fun. It was a great way to be asked out to prom."

Davidson made the video with the help of a friend near his home in Los Angeles. He's a really smart  young man with a perfect SAT score. He just got accepted to USC.

Jake said, "I thought it might work. It just spread like wildfire. My whole school was so supportive. All these kids were sharing it."

What are the chances that Upton will actually go to the prom with Davidson? We gave him one more chance to make a pitch to the Sports Illustrated cover girl. He said, "If you come, I'll go the whole nine yards; chauffeured car, lots of flowers, lots of cool things."

INSIDE EDITION asked Upton is she would go to the prom. Upton responded, "Well, I have to see. I'm pretty busy. But I have to move around and we'll see what we can do."

Fingers crossed Jake. We have a feeling every teenage boy in America is rooting for you.