Hollywood Takes Aim At The White House

A slew of new movies has the White House and Washington under attack and INSIDE EDITION spoke with a former Secret Service agent about whether such a terrifying event could occur.

The White House under fire! That's the shocking scenario in the movie Olympus Has Fallen, which depicts an armed assault on Washington by North Korean terrorists.

The movie tells the story of the White House under attack, the president being held hostage inside by terrorists. The question is, would such an attack even be possible?

Dan Bongino is a former Secret Service agent who was once part of President Obama’s personal security detail. He's now a private security consultant in D.C.

He said, “I've actually seen it. Very good, very disturbing for a former secret service agent.”

He says that Secret Service agents constantly work through potential threats, even worst-case scenarios like those portrayed in the movie.

A scene which features an air attack on the White House is a terrifying echo of 9/11. But Bongino reassures us that such an attack could not succeed.

He said, “Some of it, I can tell you from having lived it, some of it just wouldn't happen. Our airspace is pretty well coordinated with the military. You're not going to get that close to the White House, I promise you.

The movie is out Friday just as our relations with North Korea reach a new low. This week the North Koreans released propaganda video showing the White House and the Capitol under fire.

Olympus Has Fallen is not the only upcoming movie taking aim at the White House. It seems Hollywood movie studios have D.C. in its cross-hairs.

G.I. Joe Retaliation, starring Bruce Willis, premieres next week.  The White House comes under attack, as does Britain’s Houses of Parliament. Half of London is wiped out.

In White House Down, in theaters in June, Jamie Foxx plays a president who sees the White House turned into a battlefield.

Images from those scenes send shivers down the spine of security personnel, even if it's just a movie.

INSIDE EDITION’s Les Trent asked Bongino, “It's almost like a sacrilege to see the White House under attack. To see the president held hostage. Did you have those feelings?”

Bongino said, “Yes, you do as an American citizen, not a former Secret Service agent. To that symbol our greatest symbol half in flames half missing in some portions of the movie, yes it is disturbing.”