Phil Spector's Wife Outraged Over New Film

INSIDE EDITION spoke to the wife of imprisoned music producer, Phil Spector who's not thrilled with the new HBO movie about him.

Phil Spector's young blonde wife is livid over the controversial new HBO movie about the legendary record producer.

Rachelle Spector says the film makes her husband, a convicted killer, look like a psycho.

INSIDE EDITION’s Jim Moret asked, “Do you think the movie shows Phil Spector as being a crazy violent man?”

Rachelle said, “Well, they use the word ‘freak’ and I think that they went a little too far with it.”

The movie, airing Sunday on HBO, stars Al Pacino as Spector, and Helen Mirren as the attorney defending him for the murder of beautiful actress Lana Clarkson.
Phil Spector is serving 19 years to life for killing Clarkson in the foyer of his ornate castle in suburban Los Angeles.

Phil Spector is the legendary music producer behind some of the most classic songs in history like “Be My Baby,” and John Lennon's “Imagine.”

Rachelle, who was with Spector every day during his murder trial, says her character isn't even in the movie. She claims director David Mamet left her out because he didn't want the eccentric music producer to look sympathetic.
“They created this fictionalized monster that doesn't exist,” said Rachelle.

Moret asked, “You've seen the movie but you weren’t invited to see it?”

She said, “I snuck into a screening last Thursday.”
Friends of Lana Clarkson protested outside that screening. Her former publicist, Ed Lozzi, is outraged at how the film makes her look like she actually killed herself.
He said, “Shame on the HBO execs for doing this to the American people. It's a lie.”